Reason #1:

You don’t have to drive to campus! A Mat Bus comes by every 30 minutes and picks you up at the front door. So throw that campus parking pass away. You won’t need it anymore. 

Reason #2:

Free printing! That’s right… printing card who? Never heard of her. U32 has a printer on the first floor for you to use whenever you please!

Reason #3:

You don’t have to put shoes on to do your laundry. You don’t even have to put clothes on to do your laundry! (if that’s what you’re into). In every single unit you’ll find a full sized washer and dryer. Think of all the coins you’ll save!

Reason #4:

You can get your sweat on whenever your heart desires. Say hello to the U32 Sauna! She’s beautiful.

Reason #5:

You get your own vanity. That’s right! No more shoving your roomies out of your way to brush your teeth or do your hair. For every bedroom, there’s a sink & mirror.

Reason #6:

You get PAID if your friends decide to live there too! If you refer someone to live at a Roers property and they sign a qualifying lease, you receive $250. Now it can’t be the same lease you’re signing… but they can be your neighbor! And you’ll be $250 richer. It’s that easy. 

Reason #7:

You’re safe! We have locked entrances and security cameras all over the place.

Reason #8:

You can start your own basketball league! Right outside U32 is a full-sized basketball court. Game on.

Reason #9:

Are you someone who takes the elevator when you live on the 2nd floor? Cool, we are too. So good news! We have an elevator that’s great for when you’re moving in, moving out, carrying your groceries up, and more. 

Reason #10:

Fargo is known to have rather NASTY winters. The least we could do is keep your cars warm and toasty in our underground garage! 

Reason #11:

You can end things with your current gym. Break it off, rip the bandaid. You don’t need them anymore! U32 has a state of the art fitness center with everything one could possibly need for an awesome workout. 

Reason #12:

Need to host a meeting? A fantasy football conference? Study party? We got you. Check out the conference room on the first floor!

Reason #13:

This one’s a good one… you have the opportunity to win Roers Resident of the Month! Each month, the Roers team chooses one lucky resident to be the Resident of the Month. They get to spin the prize wheel and win an awesome prize. 

Reason #14:

Uh we have trash chutes. Nuff said. 

Reason #15:

Remember when we said you could start a basketball league? You can also start a sand volleyball league! Right next to the basketball court is the sand volleyball court.

Reason #16:

If your friends or your parents come to visit, they don’t need to get a hotel room. U32 offers a fully furnished and stocked guest suite available for rent!

Reason #17:

It’s #grillingseason! Grill it up on the outdoor grill here at U32.

Reason #18:

Light bulb out? Fridge making a funny noise? Key fob not working? Have no fear. Our amazing Maintenance team is available 24/7. Just give ’em a call!

Reason #19:

SHOP TIL YA DROP! Because you have room for it…. in your walk-in closet. Thank us later.

Reason #20:

You pay one bill a month. One bill. That’s it. No more of this rent bill, electricity bill, Internet bill, gym membership, etc. Everything’s included when you live at U32! 

Reason #21:

Do you call it billiards or pool? Either way, we have a table for it in the lounge! 

Reason #22:

You can pay rent online! It’s such an easy process. This way – you don’t need to worry about a checkbook or paying your rent on time. It does it for you!

Reason #23:

So we said you can go ahead and cancel your gym membership. Well, you can also go ahead and cancel your yoga class membership! Roers is partnering with Mojo Fit Studios to open a North Fargo location… and it’s in U32 Phase II! We will have a full functioning yoga studio with classes running all throughout the week for our residents and for the community! U32 Residents get a pretty good deal though. 

Reason #24:

You can host a get together in our community lounge! Bachelor nights? Birthday party? Game of Thrones premiere? Whatever you want!

Reason #25:

The fire pit out back is basically begging you to make some s’mores. I mean, come on.

Reason #26:

We have 4 awesome study rooms. One on each floor! And more coming in Phase II! They are the perfect place to study for finals, finish that project, or just take a break and relax.

Reason #27:

You don’t have to worry about those darn keys! U32 has key fobs to get into every door. It’s pretty nice.

Reason #28:

Spring break in Cabo? No thanks! The U32 pool & hot tub is right downstairs… 

Reason #29:

We have awesome events every month for our residents to attend. Some have been Trivia Night, Beer Yoga, Bingo Night, Pizza + Pop, Yoga & Mimosas, and more!

Reason #30:

We have the best team ever! Our Property Ambassadors work hard to make sure all of our residents are satisfied and feel at home.

Reason #31:

We’re expanding! If you didn’t know… U32 Phase II is in progress and will open in August of 2019! It’s going to be just as amazing as Phase I, with another fitness room coming, a yoga studio, and a game lounge! We are currently leasing for both phases. 

Reason #32:

You get the Ultimate Living Experience. All these reasons wrapped into one equals a pretty great place to live!

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