Phase II of U32 is coming along! Each day more progress is made and the team is getting so excited for what’s to come in August of 2019. As we’ve mentioned previously, Roers is teaming up with Mojo Fit Studios for U32 Phase II, as they are opening an entire studio inside Phase II of U32! We sat down Kristen Burbank from Mojo to talk all about what’s coming, what she and her team are most excited about, and what you should be excited about!


The Excitement

Kristen: “We are excited for two reasons. One, I’m excited to be a little closer to campus and being a little more accessible to the student base.  We are also excited to hit the North Fargo market, myself and some of the teachers live up there, I think it’s a gap in the market where not everyone’s been able to access. People who live up north, end up having to drive a pretty significant distance just to attend Mojo classes.”


“Being able to bring a full schedule of classes to U32 and North Fargo is something we’re excited about as well. Currently we teach one evening class at U32 on Tuesdays, but with the new studio, we will have classes right away in the morning and go all the way into the evening.”

The Classes

“Some of the classes we know for sure will be there are Yoga Hot Detox, Yin Yoga, Barre Fusion, and Sculpt. We are going to also launch with some of our BURN 30 classes, which are just quick 30-minute HIIT style classes. And then our standard classes are heated yoga or non-heated yoga, which is a Vinyasa Power Flow style class.”


“The classes will be on the schedule Monday-Sunday so seven days a week! Most weekdays we start at 5 or 5:30 in the morning depending on schedules, and our last class is roughly around 7 or 8 at night, so we go throughout the day. Weekend class times vary depending on what works with everyone’s schedule, but we’ll get something on there all seven days. We are hoping to have a tentative schedule of classes put together by April.”

The Heat

“The weather can get chilly in North Dakota, so opening another heated studio is going to be awesome. It will be the perfect place to escape cold. The heated element in general is something that people are often really interested in. There will be the radiant heat panels in there, it will be a true hot studio. The radiant heat panels allow for a dryer heat, so you still get that good sunshine heat.  The HOT studios is something that is not on the north side of town at this time, only west and south so being available on the  Northside is going to be great.”

The Membership:

“U32 residents get some really great pricing discounts. That’s one of the benefits that residents are going to get living at U32. The monthly membership fee is set around $30-$35 a month for U32 residents.  In addition, they get some package discounts along with drop-ins discounted rates. ”


“The student discounts will be pretty great as well. So look forward to some student discount announcements coming out soon that will be exclusive to the U32 Mojo Fit Studio only. Since we will be so close to campus, we are excited to be rolling out some special student pricing so U32 residents can bring their friends!”


The Roers team could not be more thrilled to be working with Mojo on this. We will keep you updated with more information about dates, classes, memberships, and more!

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