What if we told you that we can make your electricity bill, your cable bill, your internet bill, your water bill, your gym membership fees,  and basically all your other bills magically disappear? Well we can. When you live at U32, you pay one bill. Just one. For everything. We’re not kidding.

Let’s break this down a little bit….

We’ve gathered average prices for what you’d separately pay for all your utilities, internet, gym membership, cable, and laundry.  Take a look:

When you live at U32… all of those different prices and costs are included in your bill. Your one bill you pay a month.

All Amenities Included

U32 units each have their own washer and dryer. There is also a state of the art fitness center on the main floor. That covers your laundry and gym costs right there!


Your internet, utilities, cable, etc. are all included in your rent bill. All amenities are included! The Mat Bus front door pick-up is included. The outdoor volleyball & basketball court? Included! The pool, hot tub & sauna? You bet that’s included. The study/conference rooms? You guessed it… all included.


So go cancel your gym membership, take the dry cleaners off speed dial, give your cable guy a call and tell him it’s just not going to work out, and give us a call instead to get started on your one bill journey. #onebillnobull


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