As you may have heard U32’s second building is under construction. In my blog series on U32 I’m giving you a sneak peek of what’s to come!

The U32 complex is a warm and inviting space that’s designed to feel fun and different. The overall vibe for all of these U32 spaces is young, hip and thriving.

In an effort to create a timeless look with a modern twist, the goal for all the U32 spaces is to make them feel warm and comfy while still including some splashes of interest.

I’m having an absolute ball working with the Roers team to nail down the design and aesthetics of the units, lounge, common bathroom, yoga studio, exercise room and study rooms.

Since we’ve already walked through the units (click here to read), in this post we’re going to check out the lounge area that is part of the amazing amenities you get when renting through Roers.

Let’s jump into the lounge design!

The Space

The lounge area is a space where renters get to entertain, watch the big game or celebrate a holiday together. Since many of the residents are students, the lounge is also a great place for studying.

A big priority for Roers was to create a space that was highly usable and comfortable while still being fun and aligned with their lifestyle brand. This space is for no one else but the renters and their visitors, so we wanted to create a homey throughout the entire building, including the lounge.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the design started as a cross between a cigar lounge and a college bar.

Sounds like fun, right?

Through the careful selection of paint colors and soft seating finishes, the vibe is a little moody but interesting. The fun comes in with the college bar vibe which includes games, high-top tables for pizzas, chips, and cold ones. Everything you need for a fun evening with friends!

The Design

Within the design, you’ll see multiple games including a shuffleboard, ping pong, and Pac-Man which help create a playful feel. There’s plenty of soft-seating (aka a huge couch) where you can kick your feet up and watch the game on the hanging TVs that will be over the ping pong table to create space that is easy for you to relax with your friends.

The space also includes a large high-top table where up to 12 people can eat, drink, and be merry!

The Look & Feel

Once we agreed on the furniture we wanted in the space, it was time to integrate the vintage cigar room feel.

Below are the renderings to make my selections really come to life for you!

What you’ll notice are the following:

  • Herringbone flooring design, iconic in vintage-inspired designs.
  • Different wall treatments to create visual interest—brick, tile, paint and a wow-factor wood accent wall.
  • Moody paint, as promised.
  • Soft-seating and table chairs in the iconic Chesterfield style (the epitome of vintage cigar rooms!).
  • Pops of brass via hardware and lighting. Brass has really had a comeback, and though it may currently be trendy, it’s also classic when paired with the right room.
  • Accessories that are vintage but intriguing; think vintage American flags, framed tattered maps, books that have earned that woodsy smell and so on.

If you want event more of a sneak preview, check out these!

The U32 lounge strikes the perfect balance of cool and comfortable, and I cannot wait to see the residents enjoying this versatile and fun space!


Stay tuned for more blogs around my work with Roers and on U32. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook , or contact me for more information for your own projects.

*Please note Roers is still in the planning phases and some selections may change.*

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