Phase II is open! We have been working with the very talented Christen Joy Homes on this addition. She helped bring our vision to Phase II to life. Here’s what Christen had to say about this project:

My hardhat is off and fluffing pillows is complete – U32 Phase II is officially open & moved-in! Let me give you a virtual tour and tell you a bit more about the completed space.

Roers wanted to create a welcoming and comfortable space filled with the functionality and fun of its lifestyle brand. This included my design work in the lounge, hot yoga studio, multiple study rooms, living units and the main floor public restroom.

The goal was to create spaces where residents could relax, study, connect, entertain, watch the big game and celebrate life’s occasions together.

C’mon In!

In Phase II, there’s a gathering space that welcomes residents with the feeling of historic charm. The Cigar Lounge is brand new, yet delivers an experience rooted in the grand, majestic past. Through thoughtful selections crafted uniquely for today, here’s how we brought modern historic vibes to North Fargo.

Globe-Spanning Design

Through my travels, I’ve drawn inspiration for spaces like the Cigar Lounge at Seattle’s high-end bars with games such as shuffleboard. And, from a Santa Barbara seafood restaurant that selected and staged each detail from flooring to lighting to intentionally highlight its historic naval theme.

Inspiration led me to design the space as the combination of a classic cigar lounge with a moody and historic vibe, with a traditional college bar. Fun, right?

Fashionable Furniture

A shuffleboard and ping pong table craft a playful feel. There’s lots of comfy seating to kick your feet up and watch the game. Hosting more than a few friends? Pull up one of twelve bar chairs to the high-top tables. There’s also an almost 13-foot custom-designed table from Grain Designs for board games or simply relaxing with friends.  

The Lounge vibe came alive through careful curation to make the space fun and interesting.

Rest for the Win

Around the corner, the traditional cigar lounge theme is recognizable in the public restroom with dramatic flooring, high-gloss navy tile and gray walls. Brass accents maintain the beat of the iconic drum on faucets and the trash bin. Lighting with lower-watt bulbs sustains the mood in a warm amber glow. The cherry on top? Art that can only be assumed to be the first selfie.

Accessories for the Wow

You can create this memorable vibe in your home with these techniques:

  • Use different wall treatments creates visual interest — brick, tile, paint and a wood accent wall. The “wood” is actually Italian tile on the 20-foot-wide wall.
  • Select moody paint colors such as Sherwin Williams Naval for the walls and ceiling.
  • Shop for soft-seating and table chairs in the iconic Chesterfield style and velvet fabrics (the epitome of vintage cigar lounge).
  • Incorporatea vintage feel by choosing exotic woods, dark stains and unique bases to layer a classic look and steer away from industrial.
  • Enliven the space with brass hardware and lighting. Brass is back in style, and while it may be trendy, when used in a classic, moody space it’s timeless.
  • Collect art and accessories that are both intriguing and vintage. Items such as American flags, tea-stained framed art and antique books for that woodsy scent. Add a few quirky pieces because it wouldn’t be a Christen Joy design without pops of fun and color!


I wanted the exercise spaces to be airy, natural and high-end. A significant factor in the design was understanding how the rooms needed to flow and how I could support the instructors and participants through smart design, materials and space planning. I’m proud of the workout spaces because residents and instructors appreciate the warmth, textures and tones that create a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere to help them reach their fitness goals.

Hot Yoga Studio – Minimal, serene and beautiful.

Fitness Room – live a bright and balanced life starting now!

Hit the Books!

Many residents tell me the study rooms are one of their favorite features of the U32 complex.

Again, much of the design inspiration comes from my love of travel and creating different moods through design. My goal was to create unique, fun and playful rooms where inspiration is free to spark, discussions can lead to new knowledge and fun can bring energy to subjects and ideas.

The MET – spark fun and creativity in the elegantly eclectic Andy Warhol-themed Study room.
The Great Outdoors – breathe in the calming green landscape to restore your focus and tackle your to-do list.
The Subway – get lost in your work in this chic study space that’s worlds away from ordinary.
The Banana Breeze – venture into luxury to explore a new level of learning.
The Snowboard – escape to the coolest room in the building so you can tackle new challenges with a fresh perspective.

Carpe Diem!

What can help you seize the day? Elevate your spirit by loving the vibe in an amazing apartment. Rich textures, a calm color palette and graphic contrasts create a rich atmosphere for residents to add their own unique style to make each space into a home they can’t wait to return to at the end of the day.

Stylishly Handsome – experience layers of pure comfort, hearty furnishing and glorious gold accents that turn up the elegance when you’re unwinding from your day.
Bright and Light – take on Your day with fresh confidence. Contrasting textures and colors create energy and lighten the mood in this crisp design

Launch Pad

U32 Phase II is the perfect combination of comfort and chic. I can’t wait for residents to elevate their lives, connect with friends and create life-long memories in this one-of-a-kind space that truly feels like home.


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