Whether you are a visual person or not, it really doesn’t matter. You don’t have to visualize anymore, the model until at U32 Phase II is decorated and ready to be viewed.

We’ll keep some it is a secret but we’ll give you a few hints of what you can expect when you check out this beauty. Here’s a few sneak peaks!

Talk about a kitchen sink!

Okay, its just a sink. But really, this is a sink that makes a dream kitchen. It is big enough to wash every dish in your kitchen at once. The stainless steel matches the other appliances to add a bit of sleekness to your kitchen.

Did someone say barn door?

A bedroom barn door adds both functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, it is a space saver. rather than having a nine foot door swinging into the living room. Plus, they look so nice and offer that extra cozy touch between the bedroom and living room where you most likely spend the majority of your time.

Note – not all units have a barn door, varies on unit style and layout.

There is actually storage!

Who said apartments never have storage, has definitely not visited U32. Between huge walk-in closets, bathroom cabinets aplenty and a the kitchen counters, there is so much storage you’ll be searching for what else you can stow-away!

See it in person!

We think you should really see it to believe it. There are tours of U32 Phase II each Friday from 2 – 3 pm. Or if it works better in your schedule to tour at another time, please contact a Property Ambassador at propertyambassadors@roers.com or call 701-356-RENT to set up a personalized tour.

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